“LINGERING VOICES” is an app that visualizes words and anchors them to certain places. After the app recognizes a person’s voice, it presents the words in realtime using AR. By adding the location information, users can see and replay the words, and share them with each other. As such, places that get a lot of visitors will also get a lot of words. This app will change the way people see places they thought they already knew.

Turn on the LINGERING VOICES app and start talking. Your words will take form and linger. Using the Lingering App, anyone can see what you said.

Using the App, you can leave words in many different places and in many different situations. Your words and the images will be saved to your phone’s camera roll so you can share it with friends and loved ones. The words you leave behind will become proof of your visit.

Try finding words left behind around town. You can find a lot of interesting words in commercial districts. On streets that are usually calm around lunchtime, you can find people’s voices lingering from the previous night out drinking, or see comments of customers at popular stores.

Use the app the way it fits you. If, for example, you are invited to a wedding ceremony, how about trying to give form to words you only say once in a lifetime? Perhaps the wedding chapel will already be filled with “I do”s. At temples you might see people’s wishes. So, how about writing your own wish using Lingering Voices instead of the usual Japanese wish board?

  • We'll be exhibiting at CANNES LIONS 2018 at the DENTSU CREATIVE X x PICT BEACH PARTY.

    JUNE 18 2018 | 13:00 - 17:30
    @RADO PLAGE Boulevard de la Croisette 06400 CANNES

  • We've started a Twitter account.

    We've started an official LINGERING VOICES Twitter account, where we'll be sharing updates and news on app development as well as any exhibitions we're in. We'd be delighted to stay in touch!


  • We'll be exhibiting at the SXSW 2018 Trade Show.

    SXSW 2018 Trade Show – Exhibit Hall 2,3,4
    Austin Convention Center
    Booth No. 1217
    March 11–14 10am-6pm
    March 14 10am-2pm

  • Jun Kato


  • Kouya Tamesue

    Production Manager

  • Kiyonari Oshida

    Production Manager

  • Ryosuke Sone

    Planner/Art Directer

  • Shuto Hashiura

    Planner/Film Director

  • Yasuhiko Nishimura

    Technical Director

  • Takahisa Senaga


  • Ryohei Ishii


  • Sam Nelson

    Copy Writer

  • Ryosuke Harashima


  • Makoto Akahane


  • Rina Sahoda


  • Kenta Watashima

    (dot by dot inc.)
    App Developer

  • Munenori Terada

    (PICT INC.)

  • Asako Watabe

    (S2 Factory, Inc.)

  • Shu Takano

    (S2 Factory, Inc.)
    Backend Engineer

  • Jun Kuriyama

    (S2 Factory, Inc.)
    Infrastructure Engineer

  • Yasuaki Miyatake

    CG Producer

  • Mitsunori Motegi

    CG Director

  • Shunichiro Tsumori

    CG Engineer

  • Masazumi Watanabe

    CG Artist

  • Hiromu Fuji


  • Asako Ogiwara


  • Shogo Hina

    Frontend Engineer

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